SEO Marketing is the practice of optimizing a website for keyword phrases.

These keyword phrases are the ones their consumers are using on search engines to find products and services.When business owners use keyword phrases in the content on their site, search engine bots will pick up on them. Those phrases tell the bots who should see the website.

The concept is simple – the keyword phrases on a site match the keyword phrases search engine users use. This isn’t all that SEO entails, though.

Due to the millions of websites competing for the same niches, search engines have to use other factors to identify which websites are worthy enough for first page position on the results pages. This is where SEO becomes complex.

Once websites are identified as having certain keyword phrases, they are judged for their quality.

This includes the following:

  • How valuable the content is on the site to the user

  • Whether the site is easy to navigate making it possible for users to find what they need quickly

  • The speed of the site is adequate

  • Links to the site are authoritative showing the site is trusted and provides good information

A website needs to be better than any other site in its niche to be ranked on the first page of search results.


The worth of SEO is high.

Optimizing a website to be better than any other site in its niche can lead to thousands of leads and/or sales. These are FREE leads and/or sales. Traffic from search engine rankings is free. No tricks. No scams. Nothing but free.

Wait, what about the money invested in building a website to be the best one in its niche?
That’s where many people get lost.

They see that they have to pay hundreds of dollars a month to optimize their site. It’s not a one and done type of job, either. Optimizing a site takes months and years to get it to the level it needs to be at to surpass its competitors.

SEO is not a race – it’s a marathon.

As a site improves over time, it will consequently improve in the search engines.

It may start to rank for keyword phrases that competitors aren’t ranking for, and that starts to bring in more traffic month over month, and then year over year. When the site starts ranking for low competition keywords, it will gain authority in its niche through user interactions and backlinks from other sites.

Adding content provides more value to the people visiting the site, and search engines take notice of it. They see the users that do visit the site are happy with it because they spend a considerable amount of time on it before leaving. This falls in line with the algorithm set by the search engine, and the site may start to increase in rankings for more competitive keyword phrases.

The site starts ranking for low competition keywords, and then it starts ranking keywords that are considered moderately competitive.

As it gains more strength from backlinks and quality content, it can start to outrank competitors for high volume and highly competitive keyword phrases.

This is when SEO marketing reaches its success and makes all the work and time worth it.That’s what is important to remember, though. It takes a lot of work and time to conquer the first position on search engines.

This is why SEO marketing comes with an expense.

This expense is worth it in the long run. The money you INVEST now can yield high returns later. It’s an investment.

SEO vs other marketing channels

Putting it into perspective

The value of SEO marketing can be better explained when comparing it to other forms of marketing.

Google Ads and other paid ads are one type of online marketing people talk about all the time.

The problem with Google Ads is that it’s an investment with short-term results.

When you run a campaign, you put money into the campaign, and it lasts as long as you continue to fund it. Once you stop adding money to it, the results abruptly stop.

SEO marketing services don’t work that way.

When you invest money in them, the results continue for months and even years after you stop paying for the services. This doesn’t mean you can pay for SEO marketing services for one month and see results for a long time afterwards.

It takes time to see results with SEO, and the longer you invest in it, the longer the results will last. For instance, if you invest in SEO marketing services for 2 years, you will see results from it several months after you stop.

The takeaway here is that when you factor in the cost of SEO marketing services and the return it has over time, your profit can be much higher and long lasting compared to other forms of marketing.

SEO In-house vs SEO Agency

Let’s find out which option works best.

SEO marketing is best left to the professionals.

While it’s possible to learn the ins and outs of optimizing a website, with so many factors involved, professionals have the most knowledge, skills, and experience to do it quickly and effectively.

Whenever business owners consider SEO services, they often find themselves trying to decide between an in-house SEO team or outsourcing it to a SEO agency.

When deciding if you should use an in-house SEO team or SEO agency, it’s important to consider your budget and goals.

Each option will work but in different ways.

  • A SEO agency may be made up of many specialists who are highly experienced.
  • Their expertise, talent and access to the latest tools makes than an invaluable resource for businesses.
  • They are on top of all the latest advancements.
  • SEO agencies tend to produce faster results due to having a larger team of experts than a small to medium business can afford to have in-house.
  • They also have many clients in many different industries, so they have learned what works and what doesn’t work for certain businesses. It takes the guesswork out of everything they do
  • In-house SEO provides businesses with a focused team. They understand the business’s operations in detail, and can use that knowledge to accurately relay messages to consumers in the brand’s voice.
  • In-house SEO teams form relationships with the people in the business, which helps them carry out tasks much faster and easier.
  • They often attend meetings and hold meetings for other employees to help them understand the marketing side of the business. This helps them meet the needs of online consumers as well as they do with offline ones.
  • They never have to wonder what is being done to build their brand online because they are with those employees daily.
  • Executives feel more comfortable and have greater peace of mind because of the control they have with their team versus an independent one through a SEO agency.

The decision between using an in-house or agency SEO team can be a difficult one to make. It comes down to deciding what falls in line with your business’s objectives and budget.

Consider the pros and cons of SEO agencies and an in-house SEO team to make the best choice.

How to incorporate SEO Into a Marketing Strategy?

In addition to SEO, there are many other online marketing options.

Social media, email marketing, and Google ads are just some of them.

If you’re already marketing your business in these ways or plan to, you’re probably wondering how you can incorporate SEO into your overall online marketing plan.

The good news is that many people use all these options for marketing, and SEO works with them seamlessly. The following are some ideas on how you can do it:

  • SEO and social media

    What you post on social media can run parallel to the content you publish on your site. Keyword research is a big part of SEO, and those keywords you find are what people are looking for online.

    Those people are on social media, so it makes sense that some of them would be interested in the same information. While you still want to publish social media posts that entertain your followers, you can use a lot of the content from your site there as well.

  • SEO and Email Marketing

    You can use email marketing to bring people back to your site when you add new content. Since SEO marketing has a lot to do with adding fresh content, letting people on your email list know about it is a good idea.

    This will attract qualified traffic to your website and generate more conversions.

    Email marketing can also be a channel where you can test different content formats and select the ones that are highly relevant to the interests of your audience.

  • SEO and Google Ads

    They can work together too. Some of the keywords you are using to rank your site can be the same keywords you use for your ads. You can also see how specific keywords do with your ad campaigns to decide if they are good ones to use to optimize your site.

As you can see, SEO plays well with many other forms of online marketing, and it can really take your business to the next level.


The future of SEO is bright and complex.

There’s no slowdown in SEO because new websites are launching every single day.

Those new websites are producing content quickly because they know that’s the only way to get their site off the basement floor of the search engine results pages.

They know competition is fierce and the longer they wait, the harder it will become to overcome the quality of other sites.

Developing a high quality, valuable website isn’t the only challenge, though.

Voice search and other technological advancements are increasing in use every day. This means sites must be optimized for voice search as well to get in front of people who want to say, “Hi Siri” or “OK Google”.

Changes to sites will always happen. It’s the consequence of our technological age.

As long as the right people make the changes and they make them before most other people do in the same niche, it’s possible to climb the trenches of the results pages of search engines.

SEO is here to stay.

It will continue to help businesses grow over time for a price that is far less than any other marketing option.

Getting started now will put you ahead of competitors who start next week, next month and next year.

All you have to do is find the right SEO specialist(s) for your business.

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