17 Best Free SEO tools

Searching on the internet for the best free SEO tools could be a frustrating experience for a layman.

If you are like me, chances are you would love the idea to see the best free SEO tools in one place.

In this post, we are only covering the best SEO tools to make your experience worthwhile.

So without any further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

Wondering ‘If you can rank’? This is one question we all sever times while evaluating our keyword.

Can I Rank has got you covered:

  • It’s the best tool to give you fair comparison of how your page appears when compared to the first page competition.
  • It covers all the metrics from domain authority to Page authority to other SEO factors.
  • Get an instant answer whether you can rank for a specific keyword or not.
  • Can I Rank is a highly-detailed tool to find the keyword difficulty.

Best feature?

The best part of this tool is: “How can you better target this keyword?

It gives you full information regarding a keyword. Whether, you can rank for your desired keyword or not.

Means, it doesn’t just tell you about your competitors.

Instead, it helps you rank for your keyword by giving in-depth suggestions. Isn’t it just cool?
Its free version has limited features while the Pro versions offer a wide range of features.

Out of new keyword ideas? Don’t worry; Seed Keywords is there to facilitate you.

It’s different from almost all the keyword research tools. What do other keyword research tools do?
Get a Seed Keyword from you. Provide you with the list of closely-related keyword ideas.

This approach has a big drawback.
Everyone uses it in the same way and their seed keywords are almost the same.
But, Seed Keyword is totally different.

It doesn’t pull seed keywords for you, instead, using this tool, it let you communicate with your customers and ask them how they search for you online.

Once you get seed keywords from this tool, you can further type them in your favorite keyword research tool to get more info.

Best feature?

Submit Query:
After you get the results, do a Google search using Seed Keywords for the keywords collected from the people.

It’s the quickest method to find the competition of a keyword.

Get keyword ideas from the homepage of the Internet:Reddit.
Keyworddit is a fantastic tool.

Using this tool, you can get terms that people use on different subreddits.
This tool is like a hidden gem.

Spend a couple of minutes with this tool, and rest assured, a gold mine worth of keyword ideas will be revealed to you for sure.

Best Feature?


This feature provides you with a list of Reddit threads that contain your desired keywords, further; you can dig deep in these threads to find out how people are using this keyword during their conversations.

Get useful keyword data right on your browser.

Keyword Everywhere is one of the most recent tools in the market but has become a first-choice keyword research tool for many of its Pros.

You do not need to switch browser windows and tabs, and it shows you valuable data right under your browser.

And the data includes search volume, CPC, and, keyword competition.

No login needed and no need to visit a site. Either you are doing research on the search engines like Google and Bing, watching videos on YouTube, or shopping on Amazon.com, you can see the keyword’s info in real time, without any extra effort. Cool?

Best Feature?

Bulk Upload

Have a large list of keywords and need to extract data for that? No worries, upload a list of up to 10,000 keywords, yes, 10,000.

And, Keyword Everywhere will provide you with data on all of them.

Like most of the tools out there, it fetches its data from The Google Keyword Planner.

“Answer the Public” is different; in fact, “different” is a small word for this wonderful tool.

This is indeed one of the smartest tools that digs deep on the internet to find questions, prepositions, and comparisons that are asked frequently by the people on social media, forums, and blog comments.

Later, it craft these questions into rich keywords.

Best Feature?

The best of this tool is comparisons, like, This vs. That AND This or That.

It’s Pro version is a true gem that has some exceptional features.Such as: unlimited Searches, unlimited Team Members and high-resolution images.

Get Ubersuggest’s for lots of keyword ideas. And, it’s no rocket science.

Type your keyword in its search bar.

And Ubersuggest’s will provide you with hundreds of automatically complete keywords from Google.

Along with CPC, search volume, and other useful info for each keyword.

Best Feature?

Negative Keywords

This feature is based on a strong filter.
So you can filter and skip keywords that you don’t like, such as the term “wiki” or “DIY”

Find your potential competitors with Detailed.com

This wonderful tool curates a list of the most popular sites that are likely to be your competitors.

So, you already know about the big fishes and make the strategy accordingly.
And outrank them.

Best Feature?


You can literally get the real-time report of your competition when someone is linked to them.

After fisheye and birdseye, now we have search engine eye.

Yes, you get it right, using this tool, you can see your site just like a search engine sees it.
It will help you scrutinize your site better basis on the tool’s results and make necessary amendments.

We can say that Browseo is like an x-ray machine that gives you an in-depth vision of your website, just like a search engine do.

Best Feature?

SERP Preview

If you are wondering how your page appears on search engines, this fantastic feature will give you a ditto preview of your page in the search results.

How is it helpful? It helps you in optimizing your page’s title and description and making them more SEO-friendly to attract more organic clicks.

Another useful tool we have for you is Google’s mobile friendly test!

Mobile-friendly and responsive websites are the future. And guess what Google says?

If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you are below par.

It’s official, and a major part of Google’s new algorithm now.

And Google itself helps you to get out of trouble with its Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Simply, visit Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and check your site through it.
It will tell you instantly, whether your website is up to the mark as per Google’s standard or not.

Best Feature?

Resolve Page loading issues

This fantastic feature helps you to improve your site’s code so Google’s mobile crawler won’t miss a single thing on your site, and index all of them.

Google Search Console cannot be ignored here because it provides you with some best experience regarding your website’s SEO.

It has lots of wonderful SEO features.

And it is the only tool that can be cited as the accurate tool. Who knows more than Google?

For sure one of the best free SEO tools you must use.

For example, using its rank tracking feature, you can check your site’s rankings.

Best Feature?

Index Coverage Report

In this report, you can see a list of all the non-indexed pages, whatever is the reason; it even helps you fix these issues.

Optimize your site for the second most popular search engine; Bing.

It is, in fact, the Google Search Console that is used for Bing.

So, to get indexed and ranked in Bing, you must add your site on Bing Webmaster Tools.

Best Feature?

Keyword Research Tool

It gives you keyword ideas from Bing, and it’s legit.

And here, it has a clear edge over Google Keyword Planner as Bing PPC and Adwords are excluded from these keyword ideas.

The best free SEO tool to find technical SEO issues and fix them instantly.

It’s really a big headache to find out technical SEO problems on your site.

If that’s your case too, then Screaming From is there to help you.
What does it do?

It crawls your site and finds all the potential issues such as JavaScript rendering issues, crawl errors, HTTP header errors, bloated HTML, and some other important issues. Later, it generates a detailed report for you.

Best Feature?

Discover Duplicate Content

You may already know that duplicate content is like a poison for your site. And Google really hates it.

But, you need not to worry about it as Screaming Frog help you find pages with duplicate content instantly.

Its paid version comes with dozens of useful features including unlimited crawls, Google Analytics integration, rendering, Custom robots.txt, and much more.

The best tool to monitor your site’s traffic and the user’s interaction with your site.

It isn’t an SEO tool; still, it is a must-to-have tool and should be in your arsenal.

Your campaigns are literally incomplete without Google Analytics.

Wondering, how?

Because this tool will help you find data like:

  • Organic traffic
  • Landing pages
  • Page Speed
  • Real-time traffic
  • Bounce rate
    And lots more

Best Feature?

Integration of Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Just like One and One make eleven, both of these tools become super powerful when integrated.

Using their integrated mode, you’ll get the details regarding your Organic CTR, the keywords that are being used to access your website, and much more.

It is probably the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

It is a must-to-have plugin for your WordPress website. So, install it ASAP, if you haven’t already.

It also helps you improve your content, titles, and metadata etc.

Currently, it is the strongest SEO plugin for WordPress sites. And yes, it’s absolutely FREE.

Best Feature?

XML Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is an important part of your website as it helps all the search engines to crawl and index all your site’s pages.

Once Yoast Plugin generates an XML sitemap for your site, it will be updated automatically whenever you add new pages or posts. What else you need?

Find your website’s SEO deficiencies instantly with Woorank. It’s a web-based tool and also has a Google Chrome extension. While using it, you’ll get an SEO audit report first.

You will get to know about all the SEO metrics of your site like it will indicate if your title tags are too long, or too short.

Within a few minutes of using this tool, you will get to know if your site is optimized for mobile or not, or fast or slow your site’s load time is.

Best Feature?

Marketing Checklist

The coolest part of this tool is that it pinpoints all the negatives in your website, and unlike other tools, it also provides you with the best solutions to tackle them.

Do a detailed SEO audit of your site.

Seobility digs deep in your site and analyzes every single page in it, later it gives you detail regarding search engine optimization issues, such as:

  • Sitemap issues
  • Broken pages
  • Page load time check
  • On-page and metadata check
  • And lots of other website structure and content checks

The best thing about Seobility is; it offers all these features and data for free, unlike other SEO tools that charge a heavy amount on a monthly basis.

Best Feature?

Content Report

This report provides you with a detailed list of pages with SEO issues related to content, such as; duplication of content, lack of meta titles, thin content, or excessive use of a keyword.

Outclass your competitor by copying his keywords SEMRush is one of the market leaders when it comes to SEO tools.

Its free version has much more to offer you.

But the paid plan has a plethora of great features.

Both versions work the same way, but the free one has some limitations.

It reveals the exact keywords of your competitors that he/she ranks for.

Best feature?

Keyword Magic

Enter a keyword and get 6-digit keyword ideas. And that’s just awesome.

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